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Multi-site Network

Multi-site Network

The client asked if we could resolve an issue with their server, the machine suffered from memory malfunction and was encountering the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error and therefore had to be shutdown each time.

The setup consisted of multiple computers at two sites accessing their main database on what essentially was their main server. Through stabilising their existing server we then put forth a recommended solution and set about managing their computer network to minimise the amount of disruption caused.

Identified issues

  • Repeated hardware failure on server
  • Virus and spyware issues on workstations and server
  • No robust anti virus solution in place
  • No onsite and offsite backup solution
  • Users allowed to roam the internet without restrictions
  • No management of data
  • No IT management documentation
  • Server used as a workstation


Implemented solution

  • Server running Microsoft Windows 2008 with Terminal Services
  • 2 tier backup solution
  • Site to site VPN connectivity
  • Business class anti virus solution
  • Enforced internet access policies on website content
  • Separate workstation installed for user to utilise remote desktop from both sites



  • Better data management
  • Stabilised network infrastructure
  • Improved speed of network
  • Increased output from users
  • Reduced threat from viruses / spyware
  • Remote access to emails / documents
  • Remote access to network via VPN
  • Robust on and offsite backup

Client Feedback

“We are absolutely amazed at the speed of our new IT system and how everything was done with the minimal of disruption. No longer are we¬†waiting for end of day to run on our systems, it takes literally seconds.”

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